Sir Thomas More and his Family

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The CD ROM includes:


1. The contents of this Web site you are reading today on the Internet. This is a FREEBIE with the compliments of the author.



2. The updated work file “Holbein and the Discreet Rebus (1986-1996)”, containing:


2.1 Remarkable anomalies attributed to Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/8-1543)


2.2 Interpretation of the artist’s theory of communication security.


2.3 Interpretation of the case for the attribution of Sir Thomas More and his Family.


2.3.1 Analysis of date/inscription (Courtauld Institute; Hamilton Kerr Institute).


2.3.2 Infrared photograph of date and inscription (National Gallery).


2.4 Notes & References.



3.      Sir Thomas More and his Family: Scientific reports, photographs, illustrations and findings (1971-1981).


3.1 1971 National Gallery, London: Infrared photograph of date and inscription.


3.2 1979 Courtauld Institute, University of London: Microscopic examination of date and inscription.


3.3 1980 Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge: Examination of painting by infrared vidicon including pigment analysis by microchemical techniques supplemented by X-ray microprobe analysis. Underdrawing of figures in red chalk confirmed on primary layers. Rebus is underdrawn in black charcoal.


3.4 1981 Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona, Tucson: Radiocarbon dating of the canvas gives the painting to Holbein.


3.5 Sir Thomas More and his Family. First infrared photograph. National Gallery, London, 1951.


3.6 Sir Thomas More and his Family. Infrared vidicon of pig’s snout on little dog’s nose. Hamilton Kerr Institute, 1981.


3.7 Sir Thomas More and his Family. Infrared vidicon of Sir Thomas More, upper face. Hamilton Kerr Institute, 1981.


3.8 Sir Thomas More and his Family. Infrared vidicon of Sir Thomas More, lower face. Hamilton Kerr Institute, 1981.


3.9 Sir Thomas More and his Family. Infrared vidicon of John Clement, upper face. Hamilton Kerr Institute, 1981.


3.10  Sir Thomas More and his Family. Infrared vidicon of John Clement, lower face. Hamilton Kerr Institute, 1981.


3.11  Sir Thomas More and his Family. Infrared vidicon of ‘Johanes heresius’ inscription. Hamilton Kerr Institute, 1981.


3.12  Sir Thomas More and his Family. Infrared vidicon of deliberate line fault in the viol. Hamilton Kerr Institute, 1981.



4. Holbein’s preliminary sketch Sir Thomas More and his Family. Öffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel.


5. Sir Thomas More and his Descendants, by Rowland Lockey (1593). National Portrait Gallery, London.





6.1 Young Man in a Red Beret (Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt) -- Holbein paints a portrait of the Antwerp portrait painter and innovator, Quinten Matsijs. The cryptic ID is in the date inscription.


6.2 Henry VIII (Galleria Nazionale, Rome) (See below)


6.3 Henry VIII (Thyssen Collection, Castagnola)

Paintings (6.2) & (6.3) contain new information associating the mental health of the king with perinatal and premature death in his male children due to genetic disease for which there is no known cure. New findings overturn the established view on the royal re-marriages and are published for the first time on the Net. The Tudor progression to extinction after 118 years is reviewed in a new light. This is far and away the best analysis of the medical case history of this awesome king to date. It is new. It is astounding. (“Henry VIII: A sexual impediment of some consequence“; Portrait of Henry VIII, Galleria Nazionale, Rome [1540]; Portrait of Henry VIII, Thyssen Collection, Castagnola, Lugano, [1536]).


6.4 Anne of Cleves (Louvre, Paris) Holbein comments on the fourth queen of Henry VIII: ‘Very clumsy and not very clever’. Anne may not have been intellectually gifted but was clever enough to obtain a large sum of money and a splendid house and grounds in the south of England with the annulment. See the remarkable new history of this foreign-born Queen of England who outlived Henry VIII. This was also a rare achievement.


6.5 King Richard III (National Portrait Gallery, London). The unknown artist protests, in Holbein’s method, against royal reticence in Parliament.


6.6 Sir Richard Southwell (Version No. 1: National Portrait Gallery, London; and Version No. 2: Florence, Uffizi) -- Holbein confirms known history that Sir Richard Southwell was found guilty of a murder in Norfolk, asserts Southwell was a double-murderer and played a disgraceful part in the trial of Sir Thomas More, cryptically adding Southwell escaped execution for treason.



7. Definitive academic articles by Jack Leslau and Thomas Van Ness Merriam publish startling new evidence of the continued existence of the missing princes. Teachers may conceivably decide that since the evidential case may be tested by new methods and new technology, described and explained in an on-going method of inquiry, New History makes its name on the Internet.


7.1 "Unveiling of the More Family Portrait at Nostell Priory", by Thomas MERRIAM. The Lord Chancellor, Viscount Hailsham of St Marylebone, travels to Yorkshire to honour a previous Lord Chancellor, Sir Thomas More. Moreana XX, Vol. 79-80 (Nov. 1983), pp. 111-116


7.2 "John Clement: his identity, and his Marshfoot House in Essex", Thomas MERRIAM. Mystery man John Clement jousts with the king, Henry VIII, at a family gathering in Greenwich. Moreana XXV, Vol. 97 (Mar 1988), pp. 145-152


7.3 "The Princes in the Tower", Jack LESLAU. John Clement was known to be of noble birth “nobilis” in Flanders. DNA profiling will show if Clement was the son of Edward IV, Richard, Duke of York, also known as John Clement. Will the department of human genetics at the University of Louvain (KUL), Clement's alma mater, test the theory? Moreana XXV, Vol. 98-99 (Dec 1988), pp. 17-36


7.4 "The More Circle: the Antwerp / Mechelen / Louvain Connection". The talk by Jack LESLAU at the 5th International Symposium of the Friends of Thomas More, published in English, EUROPA: Wiege des Humanismus und der Reformation, 5. Internationales Symposion der "Amici Thomae Mori", 20/27 Mai 1995 in Mainz. Dokumentation Sonderdruck 1997. Im Auftrag der Thomas-Morus-Gesellschaft herausgegeben von Hermann Boventer (Köln) und Uwe Baumann (Düsseldorf), PETER LANG, Frankfurt am Main, pp. 167-174. The research is on going. Godfried, Cardinal Danneels, has removed the obstruction to the excavation of the tomb of John and Margaret Clement behind the high altar in Saint Rumoldus Cathedral in Malines, the Westminster Abbey of Flanders. Will good sense continue to prevail?






The Leslau Conjecture explains and makes clear

NEW HISTORY ON THE INTERNET: the general theory


·  There is no end to discovery

·  Deception is an avoidance of justice

·  To avoid justice is an illusion

·  The test of an illusion is time



The Leslau Conjecture explains and makes clear

NEW HISTORY ON THE INTERNET: the special theory


·  A code of practice is no valid proxy for individual responsibility

·  A standard of conduct is no valid alternate for the rule of law

·  A deception plan delays truth

·  Truth is the child of time

·  The twin is Justice



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