1. “How can you be so sure Richard did not have the princes killed?”

2.“What is the position of the investigation today?

3. "Who pays for the excavation?"

4. "Why was John Clement buried in Flanders and not in England, if he was an English prince, as you say."

5. "Did John and Margaret Clement have any children?"

6. "Are other laboratories making DNA profiles of John and Margaret Clement?"

7. "Why should we be interested in John Clement?"

8. "When will the opening of the Rastell tomb take place in Saint Peter's, Louvain?"

10."Isn't it time to start a letter-writing campaign asking Mr. GUNS to change his mind?"

11."Why should we believe Holbein?"

12."How do we know Holbein isn't a hoaxer?"

13."Please answer the seminal question: "For what, so silently, died More?"

14."What will you do if the DNA findings show the continued existence of the two princes?"

15.“If Elizabeth II is not the rightful Queen of England, who is?”

16."Wouldn’t it be best to leave things as they are with the royals, they are in enough trouble as it is."

17."I do not see how you can say from the evidence in this painting that there has been a plan of deception."

18."You have showed only one picture and I am convinced. Are there two?"

19.“It is not at all clear if the rebus in the portrait of Anne of Cleves, that she was clumsy and not very clever, (très gauche ; pas très adroit), and published in Hans Holbein. Portrait of an Unknown Man, ORION, 1996, was discovered by you or by the author, Derek Wilson. “

20.“If what you say about Derek Wilson is true, why don’t you sue?”

21.“There is a report in The Times by Alan Hamilton (Tuesday, Aug 13, 1991, p. 14) that the historian, A. J. Pollard, dismisses your theory as “breathtakingly ingenious” but no more than “a brilliant flight of fancy.”

22.“Alison Weir writes in her book The Princes in the Tower that there is no contemporary evidence to support your theory of the continued existence of the princes, and much against it.“ (pp. 65-6)

23.“I can’t download the pictures to my printer…”

24.“What do you hope to achieve from your work?”

25.“Why has the research taken so long?”

26.“Have you written a new history of the Tudors?”

27."Have you found out something terrible in your research?"

28."You're on an ego-trip trying to make yourself a millionaire."

29."Are you crazy? You're an amateur taking on the pros!"

30."Why haven't we heard about these discoveries before?"

31."The Inquisition forced Galileo to recant on his knees when he said the sun was the centre of the universe, aren't you just a tiny bit afraid the establishment will do the same to you?"

32."Are you a Catholic?"

33."Have you been tested by experts?"

34."Why didn't the Yorkists try to regain the throne if Edward V and Richard, Duke of York, were still alive?"

35."How much is the painting worth?"

36."Is it true that DNA testing the bones of the Princes in the Tower has been blocked by officials at Westminster Abbey acting on behalf of the Queen?"

37."If Her Majesty refuses her son permission to make the DNA investigation in Westminster Abbey, do you really believe the Queen will give you permission for your investigation?"

38."Have you received permission to make DNA tests of the Queen's ancestors?"

39."You will never receive permission to make DNA tests of the Queen's ancestors…"

40."You must stop this nonsense. No-one wants to hear you!"

41."You're worse than the tabloids..."

42."Have you been able to trace descendants of the Princes who are alive today?"

43.“Who was Thomas More?”

44.“Why did the boys [at St. Paul’s School and at St. Anthony’s School, in London] speak Latin?”

45.“What was your Latin name?”

46.“What happened to Thomas More?”

47.“Why do you say Poor Old Thomas?”

48.“What happened to Thomas More after he left Oxford?”

49.“Why do you think Thomas More meddled in royal affairs?”

50.“I visited the Tower where they have opened up the cells where Thomas More was locked up for backing the Pope against the King. Why did he do that?”

51.“Who was Hans Holbein?”

52.“Why did Holbein come to England?”

53.“Why do you think Holbein was a great artist?”

54.“You did not explain the significance of the vase with the upside down handles.“

55.“You say that the bones found in the Tower of London in 1674 were not the bones of the princes. Whose bones were they?”

56. “What is NIET?”

57. “What would Sir Thomas More have done if he was Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court…?”

58. “What can American Judges learn from Thomas More?”

59. “Why do you say Sir Thomas More was a greater man than may have been thought before?”

60. “I see a modern comparison in the war between the rightful heirs and the legal heirs in the 16th century…”

61. “Bertram Fields finds some difficulty with your theory (ROYAL BLOOD, Page 227) that it necessarily requires More to have told Hans Holbein the potentially deadly secret that he was harbouring the Yorkist heir in his household…It seems unlikely that More would have taken the portraitist into his confidence about a matter that could have led to the imprisonment of his son-in-law, if not himself.”

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62. “Bertram Fields (and Alison Weir) find another problem with your theory…”

63. “You have claimed that the late Sir John Masterman…”

64. “The historian Gilbert Tournoy says John Clement had a grandson, Caesar Clement.  Was Caesar Clement the son of Thomas More’s Godson, Thomas Clement, or another son?”

65. “Is Lord de L’ Isle and Dudley the rightful heir to the English throne?”

66. “High and Mighty”…

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67. “I cannot believe that such a controversial theory as yours can be a fertile theory…”

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